semi-automated pallet wrapping machine is definitely an uncomplicated

Packaging is introducing a collection of low-end stretch cover machines. This semi-automatic pallet wrapping machine is perfect for loading with a pallet jack or forklift van. Blend with a Combi hands packing station on an successful, lightweight work cell.

semi-intelligent pallet wrapping machine is definitely an hassle-free, very easy to work machine that is rationally affordable. The SW-10 is designed and manufactured with a handbook mechanised core braking film tensioning system that simplifies threading of your film. Forklift wallets offer front and back entry to effortlessly position and move the pallet wrapping machine. The basic cpanel offers smooth start and fixed stop for specific manage. With fundamental parts and needing no professional installment, why not increase your output with a Combi SW-10 stretch pallet wrapper.

Pallet Wrapping Machine Specifications:

Manufacturing pace: Suitable if hands wrapping 10-15 tons daily

Stress Capability: Maximum Stress Weight: 4,400 pounds

Maximum Weight Dimension: 48″L x 40″W x 87″H

Turntable: 65″ diameter steel plate, sequence powered

Rotational rate 15 rpm

Film Carriage: Mechanised primary springtime brake

Buckle powered – 1/2 hewlett packard pace electric motor

20″ roll size, key diameter 2 to 3″

provides circumstance packing remedies for best-weight, side-stress, decrease packing layouts. You will find our whole product type of casepackers below.industrial circumstance packaging gear

Attributes of our Situation Packers And Circumstance Loaders:

Wide range of footprints and infeed designs offered

Seamless incorporation with combi erectors and sealers

Easy transform pieces and crank alterations for quick changeovers

Heavy-duty welded framework

Protection interlocked guarding

Simple stress walk-in magazine

Personal-washing vacuum methods

Clever PLC manages

knowledge of best weight situation packing goes back towards the earliest times of the organization. We have hundreds of successful drop packer installations, as an industry leader in drop packing.

Combi decline packers are top weight case packing solutions for that broadest range of rigorous storage units. Fall packer systems attribute high quality welded tubular metallic building and speedy changeovers with modular slide-in packing heads and quick-clamp merchandise lane manuals.

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