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Quick packaging devices, from Jinan fast, quick, Wuhan, Jinan Dongtai collectively to produce the packaging equipment company, the organization is devoted to packaging machinery, packaging equipment, manufacture, design, sales and development, has gone by the ISO9001: 2000 process filling, certification and sealing Previous machine and satisfying machine range items have approved CE recognition. Main merchandise like sealing machine, satisfying machine, electromagnetic induction closing machine, labeling machine and also other products inside the so, pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic, pesticides and lubricants traditionally used, some items are exported to European countries, The united states, Middle Eastern side, Southeast Asia regions.

The organization has professional and technicalpersonnel and engineers, and revenue services staff, the development of any extremely competent team of progressive younger staff. Company is definitely “people-focused, technology leadership, dependability administration, produce famous company” with the objective, remember, offer buyers with reputable merchandise, perfect service and typical growth, make success.

Delightful new and old buyers, mutual advantage, and interact with each other!

Filling machine packing machine is mainly a sub merchandise, packaging components from the purpose of see may be separated into fluid satisfying machine, cream filling machine, powder satisfying machine, granule filling up machine; from manufacturing automation education, separated into semi-automatic irrigation installed and entirely auto filling up generation collection. just recently together with the QS certification of meals, food preparation essential oil manufacturers have started to focus on product top quality and packaging, so essential oil filling up machine features the standing of your satisfying machine.

Water filling up machine approach normally: with empty boxes stacked on pallets, unloading pallets from the conveyor belt machine delivered, will be removed one by one tray, the box delivered with the conveyor belt unloading boxes machine, the empty bottles from the box Remove, empty boxes by the conveyor belt washing machines sent by the clean, territory to packing machine, and in order to drink bottles filled with load of them.

Unloading bins from the machine out of unfilled bottles coming from a conveyor buckle into the laundry machine the other disinfecting and washing, through the bottle inspection machine examination, cleaning standards into collection filling machine and capping machine. In the package in the stuffing machine beverage. Bottles and beverage containers sealed and stamped through the capping machine conveyor for the marking machine content label, affixed mailed packing following a excellent tag machine boxed and shipped to the heap plate machine stacked on pallets in the factory.

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