product discloses an aeration perforating device of upender.

According to any one of the turning machine according to claim material, wherein the oxygen is provided with a perforated bottom of the chassis corresponding to the perforated strip club hit holes, 2 oxygen perforating apparatus.

DESCRIPTION interpreted from Asian

One particular type of o2 up feeder punching product

Specialized field

The technology of upender refers to a device supporting materials turner, specifically aerobic exercises means a punching device after the fermentation procedure of natural fertilizer turner resources used.


fermentation of natural and organic fertilizer, the converting is important processes. From the pre-fermentation method, the information may be played out in the continuing fermentation Reorganizing by switching, through the function of oxygen and agitation inside the past due fermentation approach, by switching the material may be performed about the on-going fermentation temperature, promote natural and organic fertilizers microbial metabolic rate, shortening the fermentation time. After the completion of turning and stacking materials still need to alienation and pass oxygen, however.

Utility Version Information

[0003] The energy upender design was designed to deal with these problems to deliver an natural fertilizer throughout the fermentation procedure fresh air up feeder turner aerobic impact units.

[0004] The energy model was designed to attain the pursuing technological options: a turner cardio aerobic exercises impact punching system consists of engine chassis and chassis, the chassis established two impact aerobics equipment and a number of main a motivated equipment, primary products set in the motor shaft, driven by the chassis motor unit motivated products units inside the outside aspect of both the shaft driven products shaft, the powered items shaft is supplied having a resolved prohibit, set up with a fixed obstruct drilling shaft, the shaft is associated with perforated impact stick, put perforated subjected at the bottom in the chassis.

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