produces stream pack offers with about three seals

The BG 2800-4800 creates movement pack bundles with three seals which have a perfect physical appearance. Made for High-speed packaging, in Chart as well, with completely air flow tight seals, compact and smooth free of item wrinkles as well as the best when the bundle look is in the highest value.


All sorts of food products which would normally be consumed in more than one phase. The resealability of the “Wide open & Reclose” packages assures excellent freshness and preservation of the item, as well as its effortless starting ensures notable advertising positive aspects for your customer.


Cleaning up: With a couple of minutes the machine could be totally cleaned, even during the most difficult locations, all of these are within reach, easily accessible and extractable. All parts which come into contact with the generate are made of AISI 304 stainlesss steel.

Multijaw crossways extented closing unit: High-pressure along with a prolonged closing time are definitely the identifying aspects of the exclusive BG Pack spinning multijaw process. The material stays limited, extended between the jaws therefore rendering it extremely hard for creases and defects to make. Every jaws has different temperatures handles observed using the machine touch screen. When the heat associated with a the jaws changes out of the chosen range the machine halts quickly with all the malfunctioning jaw inside a quick eradication placement.

User-friendly: PC with a colour screen touch software and panel development based on Windows in order to give the utmost simplicity in each programming stage.

Fast fitting/removing mouth program: The format may be transformed within a couple of minutes. The mouth is immediately released by reviewing the bottom and may be taken care of with all the proper resource provided with the machine. Its repositioning is just as automatic and easy. Very versatile with high operative efficiency combined with the ensure of entirely atmosphere small closes: features which can be required for Road map packaging.

High and Control Performance: Approximately 160 packages a minute thanks to the revolving multijaw crossways closing method with a prolonged closing time (approximately 22 jaws) along with ejecting knife, and because of the longitudinal linear sneaker sealing which offers smooth and resistant seals. Advanced electronic products to the exact power over centred wrapping substance stamping regarding the item.

Features Of Wide open And RECLOSE PACKAGING:

Road map: will allow Revised Environment Packaging with all the highest safety.

Straightforward: the deal opens very easily and with no need to use cutting tools.

Useful: The film amount of resistance features as well as the resealability let the bundle to be utilized for develop eaten in a couple of period.

Preservation: The resealable tab permits the isolation and protection in the product or service and helps to extend its preservation period from the time it can be opened up.

Details: A greater printable place for supplying details to the customer but for the market place advertising from the product or service.

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