Principal driving a car component

1. Main driving a car part: Taiwan AC electric motor with inverter is employed. The velocity and the deceleration are quick and continuous.

2. Key management device: automated key control can be used and 20 sizes can be set on the very same shaft for automated exchange and cutting.

3. Operating panel: all features are run around the 10.4″ Taiwan EVIEW Digital touch panel.

4. Electric motor handle program: the central control product is PLC automated control. A variety of styles may be set up on a single shaft, and the reducing size is altered quickly.

5. Decreasing placing system: reducing placement is controlled by Mitsubishi servo electric motor. The shipped in high preciseness soccer ball screw is applied setting the shape and also the linear slip rail is usually to carry the load of your cutter chair.

6. Blade serving placing method: blade feeding is handled by Mitsubishi servo motor unit, and also the cutting speed is changeable in about three phases. The efficiency is improved and the highest quality is certain.

7. Vehicle position adjustment of round blade: Mitsubishi servo motor unit can be used to calculate the round blade direction as well as the position transform is susceptible to distinct materials (the angle change range is ?à8??). The slicing direction is modified specifically as soon as the slicing surface is not smooth, so the effectiveness is better.

8. Speedy shaft alter process: three types of shafts are quick and available change of shafts is applied for various resources.

9.OptionalDouble-motor auto grinding machine: the blade is sharp for quick functioning.

10.OptionalLarge-scale risk-free cover: it tremendously boosts security functionality of machine operation.

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