panel packaging range for horizontally packing a thin film

[3] Such a thin film show panel regularly is available onto the market by means of one half-done product. Which is, the lean film screen panel will not be exported as a completed product or service but is exported such as one half-concluded product or service which can be split up in a module as well as a outer shell, for economical functions. After that, the merchandise is assembled in a importing nation.

[4] As such, a thin film display television may be produced in an intermediate manufacturing factory, in the form of a thin film display panel module which is a half- finished product and has only a glass substrate, a drive circuit, a power supply, and a video card, according to production conditions. Otherwise, the slender film display television set can be produced in the form of a concluded product or service designed with a Tv set receiving set up (tuner), a loudspeaker, and others.

Because of the properties of the thin film display panel which is thin and has a large screen, [5] The thin film display panel may be broken or damaged by even small vibrations or shocks during transportation. Further, malfunctioning electrodes and partition surfaces, or foreign resources can cause the breakdown of the drive circuit.

[6] Thus, in order to more safely transport the thin film display panel, as shown in FIG.

1, a conventional package for packing a slim film show panel incorporates a major system 1 along with a include 2. Partition wall space 3 are provided at typical time periods in a way that thin film show solar panels M generated as a half-finished product are stored in a space based on the principle system 1 and also the cover 2.

[7] Further more, additional protecting units 4 are manufactured to guard drive circuits Ml offered on back again areas and outer circumferential areas from the thin film show solar panels which are stored in the packing pack and they are produced as one half- finished product or service. The protecting products 4 are built to become secured to the back areas from the lean film display solar panels. In this particular status, the lean film display sections are stuffed inside the packing pack to be supplied to your client.

[8] Such a packing approach may be valuable in the truth in which the product is provided for an consumer by means of a finished item. The packing method is unsuitable for packing the thin film display panel which is a half-finished product, however.

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