Palletizer and palelt wrapping machine

Totally auto pick and put carton packer machine

The palletizer is suitable for stacking carton, plastic scenario, shrink cover

Entirely intelligent select and set carton packer machine

It is employed in the beverage and beerfood and beverage market, and chemical engineering business.

Welding- joints framework and variable footstand

Item insight area and buffer place are created from stainless enlargement tube as well as the output expansion cylinder

from the completed bunch is constructed of carbon metal also can be sequence transfer.

Adopt with TR/NSK water-proof bearings

Two arragement forms: up sliding container and horizontal moving

Primary lifting mechanism adopts motor generate transmission

Following motor unit transmitting slipping table

Quicken steering and conveyor products

One pair of part tension product for storage place

Potential roller conveyor in stack place

Permutation buffer

A single set of pallet positioner

Two branches of clapboard for Permutation

Unfilled pallet dealer

6 meters sequence conveyor

All-all around Safety product

Electric control which include atmosphere compressing device:

necessary motor unit energetic device

PLC automated controller

required functioning instruction and switch

portable operations board

functioning for person-machine program

checking and working scenario exhibit

Abnormal scenario screen

Bunch Pace: 40 boxes/m

Elevation of Pile: >100mm

Max. transporting capacity /level : 250Kg

Max. having potential /pallet: Optimum 1500kG

Max. stack elevation: 1800mm

Installation Strength: 20KW

Oxygen Tension: 7 Pa

Strength: 380V.50Hz , three-phase several-wire

PLC enter/production strength: 24V.d.c.

Power of opto-electric switch: 24V.d.c.

Potential of Distance contractor and Switch: 24V.d.c

Use of the environment: 200L/Minutes

Dimensions of the Pallet: According to customer reqirement

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