Packing Machinery Co., LTD is specialized in developing and manufacturing

Packing Machines Co., LTD is focused on developing and manufacturing various kinds of palletisers, which offers the ideal technological and inexpensive strategies to the automatic bag and box dealing with industry. Other machines made are ship box mass- and case reloading solutions. Numerous personal references in delivering full bagging- palletising- wrapping collections. We are also providing a lot of palletising methods depending on robopack in relationship with own constructed decide on-up units and transport solutions.

According to the required patterning mode and layers, used in the industries of Building materials,petrol,chemical, Fertilizer, food processing, and transportation port etc, it is designed to stack bags/sacks, rubber bales onto pal let. It can conduct bagging and palletizing immediately for natural powder and granular supplies including chemical fertilizer, plastic material granules (PP/PE/PVC) and grains and so on. It is easy for consumers to sale, store and transport their products and services.

The machine is relevant to medicine, food, cosmetics and other appropriate industries. By wrapping the film, the appearance of packed product is more beautiful , it also do protect the cartons or cases from the leaking, dust and moisture or pollution , more, …etc and more companies choose this machine to reduce the extra consume during transportation .

The machine mostly adopts the servo engines as movements pieces, PLC regulates the machine, it could do procedure in proper as substance unrolling carton serving side securing cutting etc.

easily run,and portable framework,trustworthy qulity and enduratable used.

Place Range(L*W)

φ300-1000(millimeters) *L300-800(mm)

Job Functionality


Movements Speed

-12rpm, adaptable rate

Show Dinner table Size


Management Method

PLC control,overwrap layers adjustable,Pre-stretch film carriage





Machine Dimension(L*W*H)


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