Outline of Semi-automatic Gas Stuffing Machine:

1. It adopts world-well-known manufacturer volume conversion process management,and is equipped with brought in substantial-precision multiple-circle potentiometer and lockable call,hence the flow might be licensed being steady and accurate,with all the negative deviation to become lower than .5Percent,and also the positive deviation to be under 1.5Percent;

2. The magnet gear stainless water pump is brought in from Japan,with relianble high quality and extended assistance life;

3. The entire stainless-steel mould enclosure elegant and natural;

4. Little volume level,an easy task to operate;

5. Hassle-free to clean and sterilizing;

6. Full operate,automatic or manual available.Can be controlled in the manufacturing line;

7. Could be built with several satisfying nozzles.and also for the normal designs,incorporate: solitary water pump machine,double push machine and 4-pump motor machine.

8. Can complete most types of beverages,including great-visvosity liquid.As an example,agranular fluids such as: medicine,chemical substance,essential oil,cosmetic products and meals .

arious filling up spout of exclusive for leakproofing and draw-back system safeguards career containers and site from contamination.

2. Roots flowmeter with 3‰ high accuracy and reliability and provided with import multi-purpose secondary musical instrument with Liquid crystal display can make ability modification simple, accuracy and quick.

3. The space among bottles and height of bottles stuffed are convenient for adjustment, the satisfying slope perspective varying in ~45 level might be special designed to suit satisfying slope container.

4. The two main kinds of satisfying, particularly oblique stuffing and vertical filling up. It can make the machine suitable for filling up different property water. Oblique filling would work for liquid that types foam quickly. With plug-sort and suspended-variety localization type, the filling spout can modify different stuffing level.

5. Stainless steel dish-sort conveyer driven by planetary cone drive stepless speed changing coordinates multi-method smartly and synchronously.

6. The latest form of machine adopts OMRON features and PLC smart system control, photoelectric tracing and plan personal-dealing with.

7. Oxygen-actuated capping system has substantial adaptability and reliability and it is suitable for different specification and shape of limit.

8. Each one of major air flow-actuated and electrical components are import parts. These make sure the strady efficiency and excellent expertise of the machine.

9. The two main types of liquefied feedings, increased aquarium and water pump. Feeding liquid by pump can greatly increase the production capacity.

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