new VFFS straight packaging machine

DuoBag® (PFM patent) is actually a new VFFS top to bottom packaging machine which makes features by using a pocket for putting in gizmos or accessories required to use or take in the item.

Collectively is Better

Patented by PFM, the machine within this unique setup for the production of DuoBag® provides generates two provides in one, beginning from one reel of packing material as well as a solitary forming tube, which has been specifically created just for this app.

ZC1 Included Answer

The ZC1 integrated option optimises the weigher-packaging machine combination by making the most of the Series C1 multihead weigher and also the model Zenith top to bottom product packaging machine, which generates pillow packages with 3 seals and sq . bases or Steelo Provides (4 part seals). The ZC1 offers premium quality specifications which lead to great weighing reliability, aesthetically excellent packs with effortless upkeep, programming and operating security with time.


Perfect for wrapping a product or service along with an adornment: for example fruit and vegetables in chunks, processed and cheese salami and meat cubes packaged because of their own cutlery and wipes; confectionery, candies, sweets and toffees merchandise generally twisted with gadgets and toys for fresh buyers; combined frosty meals, refreshing or dried up pasta wrapped having a sachet of seasoning or flavouring that provides the correct quantity of seasoning, or to test out new, chance-totally free tasty recipes, etc…

Structure: compact, created to home the 10 and 14-go variations from the Range C1 multihead weigher. The notably firm construction is made to eliminate vibrations and thereby optimise operation in the multi-mind weigher.

Hygiene: the ZC1 continues to be examined in each and every depth to help cleaning up and sanitisation functions.

Flexibility: the ZC1 permits quick and easy formatting changeovers. The weigher’s application features allow the machine to find out its own factors thereby decreasing involvement time with the proprietor who only has to key in data associated with weight and speed. Incredibly simple packing machine generating reel and box substitute occasions. The specifically advanced software program manuals the proprietor throughout the going into of necessary data.

Product packaging Machine Functions

Structure “Hermetic Box” sort metallic frame shielded from the infiltration of airborne dirt and dust.

Control of characteristics by means of PLC (most up-to-date era microprocessor).

Sketching of wrapping material by personal-centring “pulling belts” with pneumatic launching.

Control of packing duration making use of photocell system with print sign up system.

Securing jaws made steel with constrained size difference.

Easily interchangeable forming package.

Personal-centring reel-owner shaft.

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