New packing machine for RAW TUNA

New packing machine for Unprocessed TUNA and the other raw fishes, with big production.

Developed on stainless steel and self debasement plastic materials.

Designed with actuators for seafood progress handle, motor unit-lowering and digital converters for speed regulation and other features.

Tactile screen: parameters controller as advance, weight and speed etc.

The empty cans alimentation is airborne as well as the full containers exit is carried out by two parallel keeps track of.

Centralized lubricate system.

Substantial exactness around the packed bodyweight.

Slicing high quality ?°Herfraga”: NEW Reducing SYSTEM FOR RAW Tuna fish.

It provides spherical containers of 65 to 100 millimeters diameter.

The encouraged productivity is 80 approximately 150 cans each minute, relying on the produced formatting.

Specialized Capabilities

Result: around 180 cans/moment.

Suggested result: 80 around 150 containers/moment (according the can sort).

Diameters to pack: 65 to 100 millimeters.

Packing containers condition: circular

Large convenience for that sea food placement.

Transferred by way of a engine-reducing of 4 HP, and y provided with an electronic converter to regulate the rate along with other capabilities.

Built with a lineal sensor to manage de fish admittance.

The bare cans alimentation is air-borne and also the complete containers get out of is carried out by way of a distinctive track.

Centralize moisturized system.

Reducing top quality “Herfraga”: unsurpassable packing presentation.

Probably the most flexible. Cans to pack:

Rounds around 100mm of size.

Oblong (OL-120 flexible to OL-240).

Rectangle (RR-125).

Greatest height: 62 millimeters.

The recommended output is from 150 to 180 cans each minute with respect the manufactured format.

Productivity: approximately 200 cans/min.

Suggested production: 150 to 180 cans/moment (in accordance the can type).

Size to pack: 50-100 millimeters.

Containers level: 25 – 62 millimeters.

Containers condition: rounded, oval or rectangle-shaped.

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