New packing machine for Natural TUNA

New packing machine for RAW TUNA and another unprocessed fish, with large output.

Built on stainless steel self and steel debasement plastics.

Equipped with actuators for species of fish move forward manage, engine-decreasing and electrical converters for rate control and also other characteristics.

Tactile display: variables control as weight, speed and advance and so forth.

The bare containers alimentation is air-borne along with the total cans get out of is performed by two parallel monitors.

Central lubricate method.

High exactness about the stuffed body weight.

Cutting good quality ?°Herfraga”: NEW Decreasing Method FOR Unprocessed TUNA.

It packages rounded cans of 65 to 100 mm diameter.

The advised result is 80 up to 150 containers each and every minute, depending upon the constructed structure.


Productivity: as much as 180 containers/min.

Encouraged productivity: 80 as much as 150 containers/minute (with respect the can type).

Diameters to pack: 65 to 100 millimeters.

Packing cans form: rounded

Sizeable ease for the fish position.

Moved by a motor unit-minimizing of 4 Hewlett packard, and y built with a digital converter to control the speed and other functions.

Provided with a lineal detector to regulate de sea food entrance.

The empty cans alimentation is airborne and the full cans get out of is done by a exclusive keep track of.

Centralize lubricated method.

Decreasing quality “Herfraga”: unsurpassable packing business presentation.

The most functional. Containers to pack:

Rounds as much as 100mm of diameter.

Oval (OL-120 adaptable to OL-240).

Rectangle-shaped (RR-125).

Optimum level: 62 mm.

The advised result originates from 150 to 180 containers each and every minute in accordance the made file format.

Result: up to 200 containers/second.

Encouraged output: 150 to 180 containers/min (based the can sort).

Diameter to pack: 50-100 mm.

Cans elevation: 25 – 62 mm.

Cans shape: circular, oblong or rectangular.

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