new idea for coil wrapping and packaging

Nowadays, companies generating slim page metal items are facing an increasing demand to protect their products and services and also to offer their customers with undamaged uncooked material. Simultaneously, these are facing the issue of the need to produce higher operating performance with a rare amount of resources for investment. This is also true for most finishing departments, which may have issues in obtaining a give back for assets inside a possible length of time.

The Coilprotector is a new idea for coil wrapping and packaging with less complete expense inside the packaging region. It was created to meet the need for cost, flexibility and effectiveness-efficient investment. The technology is founded on generations of experience in completed materials and products dealing with.

The coiled products are usually wrapped in a horizontal position from the coil eyes. Earlier, the wrapping machines readily available for automated wrapping have been massive items of coil packaging machinery developed in the middle of the-1990s. It is clear, for developers of the Coilprotector that these solutions no more satisfy today?ˉs demand.

The Coilprotector coil wrapping machine in action

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