Moist or water products can get to cooking

Sensor manage with boiling level sensor

Wet or water goods can achieve boiling stage easily throughout the vacuum process. Wet goods can also prepare when frosty. Therefore, henkelman has fitted the sensor control with an extra option: Liquid handle. Once you trigger this operate the sensing unit accurately and quickly finds the vapour phase of wet of water items. Thus you stop the product getting to boiling hot stage through the vacuum procedure. Therefore preventing any ensuing injury to the merchandise and also the machine.

Great things about the Liquefied Manage work:

The product doesn’t shed any moisture.

The package as well as the machine don’t get filthy.

The gas in the pump helps to keep its top quality.

The water pump is prevented from rusting.

Because the vacuum process does not take longer than is needed, optimum cycle time.

Products are not ruined because of boiling.

Securing: fully as you like

Once the vacuum approach and also the incorporating of fuel, the handbag is able to be covered. The proper securing option guards items efficiently towards external aspects.

Which securing system is best for your scenarios? That will depend on:

the type of vacuum handbag (PA/PE, shrink case, luggage with aluminium layer and so on.);

the size from the vacuum handbag;

the specified close off;

your personal desires or needs.

Henkelman offers the adhering to securing remedies:

Double seal: 2 by 3.5 millimeters convex closing wire

Trennseal: 1 x 3.5 mm convex securing wire and 1 x 1.1 mm circular decreasing cable

1-2 Trennseal: 1 x 3.5 mm convex sealing wire 1 by 1.1 millimeters circular cutting wire/for independent time settings (shrink wrap)

Broad close: 1 by 8. mm smooth securing cable

Bi-Active Seal: top and under closing cafes with 1 x 5. mm flat closing wire (thick and aluminium vacuum hand bags)

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