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It is actually requested producing natural normal water, nutrient h2o, beverage product or service process and water h2o. It is actually generally made from the following instruments: pre-therapy System (multiple-medium sized filter, lively co2 filtration, ion exchanger, Millipore filter), membrane layer divorce Method (Super filter, nanometer filtration system, RO Program), electrodialysis device, sterilization Program (UV gadget, ozone system) and so on.

Product’s scale

RO sequence

Filtering series

Membrane layer and filtration system core

Ozone sterilization Program


100 % pure drink plenty of water, vitamin h2o, mineralized drinking water, mountain peak spring season h2o

Normal water for food and beverage creation

Tea extract is to get the tea’s active ingredient by soaking the tea leaves in the hot water. The aim of the green tea get is to buy the tea’s active ingredient efficiently while at the same time keeping the tea’s unique smell, taste and color whenever you can, and stopping the factor that muddies the green tea from popping out.

It adopts fractional extraction. The first removal is reduced temp removal. The goal is to conserve the initial taste of your herbal tea and also have the heat sensitive substance dissolved inside the solvent. The second removal is great temperature removal. The aim is usually to remove the energetic taste ingredient. When during the process, non-polyphenols will come out from the green tea foliage and muddies the green tea broth. But throughout the control of get variables, this can be resolved.

The extracted teas must be purified to eradicate theimpurity and gelatin, and low-polyphenols macromolecular ingredient in an attempt to avoid the tea from getting muddy or precipitant. Two purified indicates can be found, low temperature settling approach (by high-speed centrifugal) and membrane layer splitting up technique (by extremely-purification). Both means could possibly be employed separately or with each other.

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