Low-migration packaging surface finishes

Specialising in the development of packaging coatings, Schekolin offers revolutionary and consumer-particular surface finishes for global packaging companies inside the food, beverage, pharmaceutical and cosmetics sectors.

Schekolin delivers defensive lacquers and ornamental varnishes that may be one by one adapted towards the packaging process and particular specifications. Our packaging surface finishes does apply to a variety of packing materials of various shapes.

All packaging coating solutions are developed according to the latest regulatory requirements and the most recent guidelines. We provide you with a highly versatile services and personalize-produced solutions which are supplied easily.

BPA and VOC-cost-free coatings

Schekolin is surely an progressive head in the introduction of films which are totally free of erratic organic and natural aspect (VOC) and Bisphenol A (BPA).

Surface finishes that are based on Ultra-violet healing prevent the emission of VOC and require a shorter time being treated, resulting in a quick product time. Schekolin can consequently offer inexpensive alternatives for VOC-cost-free films, while simultaneously eliminating pollutants and helping guard the environment.

If BPA gets inside the human body, it can have a severe effect, studies have shown that. This is often entirely eliminated by making use of Schekolin’s BPA-cost-free powder jacket, which gives inside protection for preformed containers or bottles. Created for a long-use lifespan, it is most effective to software inside the house market, such as in reusable aluminium ingesting bottles.

Low-migration packaging coatings

Materials elements can migrate in the outer packaging layer into the filling up items on the inside. To avoid this approach, Schekolin has continued to evolve a small-migration collection, which minimises the migration of components. Schekolin very low-migration remedies are certified with Swiss ordinance SR 817.023. and 21 Direction.

Lacquers for glass, metal and polymer packaging

Schekolin delivers a wide array of lacquer solutions for certain packaging materials, applications and shapes. Our lacquers, which include natural powder, solvent and h2o-centered lacquers, guarantee external and internal safety.

The packaging coatings might be highly processed using sun (Ultraviolet) alleviating or classical heating treatment method. Schekolin’s lacquers can mostly be used to:

Metal tubes

Metallic cans and closures

Polymer tubes

Polymer rigid pipes

Polymer physical objects

Laminates and labels

polymer and Glass physical objects

All line is available with a gloss or matt outcome. By far the most complete line is the high quality collection, which mixes great artistic qualities having an fresh air barrier and lower migration. As well as our wide range of standard packaging coatings, we can also quickly develop new, custom-made solutions.

About Schekolin

Schekolin is an element of Looser Holding, an worldwide-productive manufacturing retaining company which is based in Arbon, Switzerland. The Looser Group is active from the surface finishes, temp manage, manufacturing doors and services sectors. The group is spread around 22 working facilities in the, Europe and Asia US.

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