It is pallet stretch wrapper packing machine


It really is pallet stretch wrapper packing machine, packaging machine, plant seeds packing machine appropriate for packing the pellet materials in the food, feed and grain chemical market (For instance, grainy, wheat, kernel, corn and ricesugar and seeds, timber pellet, PVC, PP and PE and so forth.).

Principal Buildings:

1. Auto filling system

2. Auto analyzing balance

3. Auto belt conveyor

4. Automated sewing or sealing machine

5. Electrical management cupboard

Running Procedures:

Guide Handbag placing

?úAutomatic filling up

?úAutomatic analyzing

?úAutomatic bag promoting

?úAutomatic bag sewing or closing

It is actually control device stretch wrapper packing machine specifically manufactured for quantitative and semi-instantly packaging contaminants into valve port totes.

If we do some technical changes inside according to material characteristics, it is suitable for packing many different materials such as flour, PP granules, cement, etc..

Main Functions:

1. Automatically dimension by pc, attach conveyer providing-in, consistently procedure, precise info;

2. Using higher-velocity digesting sampling and instruments consistency electronic technology which could suit for different supplies, simple to work;

3. Realistic framework, tiny space, adaptable maintenance and installation easy;

4. Powerful display, parameter storage, instantly preserved information, harmony stress method, multi-work fault and display checking, auto analytical methods, multi-data telecommunications interface, Regular communication interfaces, which employed to print statements,simple-web site administration and centralized control over management;

5. The main elements are shipped in with higher-grade.

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