Inside a pipeline covering and wrapping machine

In a pipeline covering and wrapping machine, a frame, coating system attached in the frame and comprising a set of bands developing an annular container owning an inner size around comparable to the external size of stated pipeline, one of stated wedding rings becoming perforate as well as the other being imperforate, and a thirdly band in spaced nearby regards to mentioned perforate ring, stated thirdly diamond ring getting an inner size better compared to mentioned initial jewelry, and path for delivering covering fluid to explained pot.

5. In a pipeline covering and wrapping machine, a frame, layer device comprising a storing reservoir for coating fluid suspended from mentioned body, a layer sneaker taken from the frame and getting an annular pot organized to communicate with mentioned pipeline, mentioned sneaker comprising a plurality of segments hingedly attached collectively, cables attaching mentioned segments to support the identical in proposal with explained pipeline, and sturdy signifies suspending mentioned wires from the body, a conduit for delivering covering water from stated reservoir to stated box, a push in mentioned conduit, an additional pump motor placed on the structure for supplying layer liquid to said tank, every stated pump motor having an enclosing casing, a warmth exchange fluid in each stated outer shell and having stated water pump immersed thereon, and means for heating system explained heating shift liquefied,

6. Within a pipeline layer and wrapping machine, a body, a covering sneaker taken with the structure and comprising an annular pot through an imperforate ahead walls along with a perforate rearward wall, every single explained wall made up of a plurality of sectors hingedly secured with each other, as well as a scattering engagement ring maintained by explained box and keeping the interior peripheries of mentioned pot wall space in shut, yieldable engagement With mentioned pipeline comprising a cord developing a loop connecting said sectors, and resil-. ient, implies using

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