In wrapping devices in the planetary variety

After spider 1 are disposed a plurality of taping heads 1, every single brain becoming situated at considerably a similar radial distanceffrom the revolving axis of your spider 2 and each and every go is’spaced from an surrounding mind down the spider frame with every thriving taping brain inside a various quadrant, as it is schematically shown in Fig.1. The relative spacing in between each surrounding taping head might be created as small as the system for each taping brain will make it possible for. Each and every tapinghead 1 incorporates a appropriate body recognized by numeral 1 backed in the spider structure 2, a adhesive tape roll 5 attached to an anti–friction displaying 6 and rubbing means 7-7 to provide the unwinding tape 5′ from your roll 5 to a tape tensioning implies 8 with a significantly continuous pressure in any way diameters of the adhesive tape roll.

Adhesive tape tensioning means 8 is preferably of the kind claimed and disclosed in copending application Ser. No. 613,377 to Stanley Forrest French above identified, and quickly includes a rotatable drum (recognized by numeral 8) over which adhesive tape 5′ passes by, indicates 9 to maintain adhesive tape 5 continually in no-dropping frictional proposal therewith, and ways to turn drum 8 inside a course opposite towards the path of rotation stimulated by adhesive tape traveling thereover’, mentioned means comprising a adjustable velocity motor unit (not proven) plus an electric circuit therefor (also not proven) which includes ways to control the existing insight for the stated motor unit to acquire a desired turn back rotation from the explained drum 8. Bythus placing a regulable opposite torque on drum 8 resisting the switching of your drum-event to tape 5 completing thereover a preferred tensionin adhesive tape 5′ perhaps obtained between drum 8 and cable television 4. v

Through the adhesive tape tensioning indicates 8, tape 5′ goes by more than a adhesive tape guide means to cord 4. The tape manual indicates disclosed from the drawings is sub-’ stantially the guide means disclosed and claimed in copending software Serial No. 621,064 to Junghanns over determined and includes cylindrical rollers 11 and 10 attached with taping head 1 to rotate therewith. Curler 11 isposi tioned carefully nearby the cable tv span of cord. 4 having its revolving longitudinal axis being untruthful substantially parallel thereto, and is also of the variety known inside the art work as a caster or swivel roller,

its longitudinal spinning axis parallel to the Ion– gitudinal revolving axis of roller 11, the space between your rollers becoming modified to eliminate Curler 10 is positioned in rela– lateral stresses and strains from the tape-occurrence towards the swiveling of curler ,11. With this arrangement of manual indicates a personal-adjusting direction of place is attained in the tape 5″ since it passes by from curler 11 to cable 4 by means of the swivel mounting of roller 11 without setting on the tape any lateral strains and stresses tending to break the tape 5′.

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