In one for marketing concentrated packages

In one for marketing oriented packages: BG Package models the 90° rotating sealing carriage and a series of technological pieces provided with the devices that enable VETTA to make a large selection of innovative and various deals together with speedy formatting alterations.


Appropriate for wrapping granular merchandise (french fries/candies, crisps and many other folks) and a variety of food goods that would generally be taken in several point.

Vetta Zip Package: it is applicable the zip on standard 3-close packs, or on oval underside packs, sq . underside and 4-close sq bottom part packs (Steelo Package).


All using one: the Vetta is a Form Fill Seal machine that separates itself from the rest of the pack by offering “multiple bag style” varieties and the versatility of many machines in one system. Vetta will offer up to 30 diverse travelling bag styles, from common top to bottom kind fill and seal making use of clear or published film, to face-up oval bottom part bags with sombrero hole punch.

Easy To Use: two-axled brushless motors operated by Computer

using a color touch-screen solar panel, and application advancement

based on Windows NT in order to give the utmost simplicity in

each programming stage.

Cleansing: in just a matter of minutes the machine can be entirely

cleaned, in the most difficult locations, all of which are inside of

reach, readily accessible and extractable.

Revolving closing carriage system: the change of file format is achievable in few minutes. The revolving closing carriage enables an incredibly operative easiness and makes it possible to know as much as 28 parameters of probable packs.

Electronic products: the machine working is determined by independent engines managed by PLC or industrial PC interfaced by color touch-screen with probability of link by means of modem for online Teleservice.

Comprehensive and integrated line: Vetta could be together with the array of MBP multihead weighers (PFM class) in which any aspect of system and communication incorporation is brilliantly fixed. In this way heightened common of reliability, elevated and precision regular productiveness are certain.

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