In a pipeline finish and wrapping machine

Inside a pipeline layer and wrapping machine, a frame, layer process fitted inside the frame and comprising a set of bands developing an annular box through an inner diameter around equivalent to the additional diameter of stated pipeline, among stated wedding rings being perforate along with the other getting imperforate, and a 3rd engagement ring in spaced surrounding regards to mentioned perforate ring, stated next band getting an interior size better compared to stated initial rings, and path for delivering covering fluid to mentioned box.

5. In the pipeline covering and wrapping machine, a body, finish process comprising a safe-keeping tank for layer water stopped from explained framework, a coating shoes transported from the body and achieving an annular container established to talk with stated pipeline, stated footwear comprising a plurality of segments hingedly secured with each other, wires attaching stated segments to carry exactly the same in engagement with stated pipeline, and sturdy indicates suspending explained cabling through the framework, a conduit for supplying layer fluid from mentioned aquarium to stated box, a pump in said conduit, a 2nd push mounted on the body for supplying layer liquid to stated reservoir, each and every stated water pump owning an enclosing outer shell, a heat shift liquefied in each explained casing and getting mentioned push immersed thereon, and means for heating mentioned warmth shift liquid,

6. In the pipeline finish and wrapping machine, a framework, a covering shoe transported through the body and comprising an annular compartment through an imperforate forwards wall structure as well as a perforate rearward wall, each and every stated walls comprising a plurality of sectors hingedly protected together, as well as a spreading band transported by mentioned container and positioning the interior peripheries of explained container surfaces in close up, yieldable proposal With stated pipeline comprising a cord having a loop hooking up explained segments, and resil-. ient, signifies using

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