Horizontal Ring Wrapper is actually a well established machine for packing

Horizontal Band Wrapper is actually a effectively established machine for packing prolonged merchandise, using LLDPE stretch hang on motion picture, helically covered around the work surface as the items put on the nourish conveyor shift for the delivery service conveyor.

Even 6 gauge extended things, like accuracy and precision – concluded metallic shafts/pipes, rigid PVC aluminium, pipes and othersections and doors, bundles of towel and many others can be loaded effortlessly.




Diamond ring WRAP 2500


Production/ Pace

200 m/hour *

50 – 500 yards/60 minutes *

Minutes. packing sizing

250 x 60 millimeters

2000 by 1000 millimeters

Maximum. packing dimensions

650 by 150 millimeters

4300 by 2300 mm

Packing span

3000 mm

3000 millimeters


Engagement ring diameter

1000 millimeters 2500 millimeters

Diamond ring rate 35 rpm (optimum.) 25 rpm (max.)

Maximum. stretch 255Per cent (Fixed) Up to completely

Drive Servo

Set up energy 2 kW8 kW

Power supply 415V, 3phase , 50Hz 415V, 3phase , 50Hz

Motion picture Particulars

Variety of moves 2 1

Materials LLDPE – Stretch Video LLDPE – Stretch Film

Video size 250 mm up to 500 mm

Motion picture density 23? 23?

Primary size of video roll76 mm76 mm

Highest movie diameter 200 mm200 millimeters

* We provide custom built machines to match your merchandise needs


? Can be provided for just about any duration and cross area of any product or service-single/ pack

? Factor rates for conveyors and ring wrapper

? Totally automated cycle of functioning – which include positioning the motion picture initially and cutting the motion picture finally

? Overlap of film may be diverse as desired

? A single heart stroke lubrication and also reduced servicing demands

? Simple functioning using the express-of-the-art Automated Logic Controller (PLC)

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Penguin Engagement ring WRAPPER is suitable for Businesses production, even 6 gauge-extended Shafts, Plumbing And Extrusions in Aluminium or other precious metals or P.V.C., which should not be very easily packaged with defensive wrappers manually because of the large bodyweight And quite lengthy the outdoors. Utilizing reduced set up energy of 2 kW, this machine can stretch wrap the above mentioned items of different dimensions in thickness & diameter, analyzing even as much as 200 / 300 Kgs. The type & scale of Conveyor is determined by the character And dimensions of the item getting stretch covered.

For economical consumption of the stretch film, the inbuilt pre-stretch unit stretches the LLDPE stretchable cling film mechanically before wrapping over the ? goods? . As being the ? items? are at the same time moved over the nourish / delivery service conveyors, we get uniformly overlapped/ helically injury wrapping of the stretch motion picture all over the surface of the ? goods? . This provides the ? items? essential defense against dust particles & humidity and makes certain longer safe-keeping life in a less expensive packing charge.

This machine can be integrated directly into conveyor lines to conserve considerable labor And time. When larger amounts of above merchandise must be stuffed, or when new development tasks are applied, sectors like previously mentioned can install this machine and help save significantly in packing expense, in work expense, soon enough taken for packing, and so forth., and this machine are going to pay again its expense immediately.

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