Horizontal Band Wrapper is actually a nicely proven machine

Horizontal Ring Wrapper can be a nicely confirmed machine for packing prolonged items, making use of LLDPE stretch cling film, helically wrapped round the work surface because the objects positioned on the nourish conveyor shift towards shipping conveyor.

Even 6 meter extended things, like accuracy – concluded metal shafts/tubes, rigorous Pvc material other, pipes and aluminiumdoors and sections, bundles of fabric etc may be packed effortlessly.



Engagement ring WRAP 1000



Generation/ Pace

200 m/hr *

50 – 500 yards/hour or so *

Min. packing dimensions

250 x 60 mm

2000 x 1000 mm

Maximum. packing dimensions

650 x 150 mm

4300 x 2300 mm

Packing duration

3000 millimeters

3000 mm


Engagement ring size

1000 mm 2500 mm

Ring pace 35 rpm (optimum.) 25 rpm (optimum.)

Optimum. stretch 255Per cent (Set) Upto completely

Drive Servo

Set up energy 2 kW8 kW

Power source 415V, 3phase , 50Hz 415V, 3phase , 50Hz

Film Particulars

Amount of moves 2 1

Material LLDPE – Stretch Film LLDPE – Stretch Film

Film width 250 mm upto 500 mm

Film fullness 23µ 23µ

Key diameter of film roll76 mm76 millimeters

Greatest film diameter 200 mm200 mm

* We supply custom made devices to fit your item specifications


• Could be delivered for virtually any size and cross part of any product or service-individual/ bundle

• Variable rates of speed for conveyors and band wrapper

• Totally automatic cycle of procedure – which includes positioning the film at first and cutting the film lastly

• Overlap of film might be different as desired

• A single heart stroke lubrication and extremely reduced servicing specifications

• Straightforward operation with the state-of-the-art Automated Common sense Control (PLC)

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Penguin Band WRAPPER would work for Industries manufacturing, even 6 meter-long Shafts, Water lines And Extrusions in Aluminium or some other precious metals or P.V.C., which can not be easily covered with protecting wrappers manually because of their weighty body weight & extremely prolonged nature. Utilizing lower installed strength of 2 kW, this machine can stretch wrap the above pieces of a variety of dimensions in breadth & diameter, evaluating even up to 200 / 300 Kgs. What type & dimensions of Conveyor depends on the type And size of the item becoming stretch covered.

The inbuilt pre-stretch unit stretches the LLDPE stretchable cling film mechanically before wrapping over the “products”, for economical consumption of the stretch film. As the “products” are simultaneously moved over the feed / delivery conveyors, we get uniformly overlapped/ helically wound wrapping of the stretch film all over the surface of the “products”. This will give the “products” required defense against dust & humidity and makes certain much longer storage space life at a much cheaper packing price.

This machine can be integrated in to conveyor facial lines to save considerable work & time. When larger quantities of over products must be stuffed, or when new growth projects are applied, sectors like above can set up this machine and help save significantly in packing price, in labour cost, soon enough undertaken for packing, and many others., which machine are going to pay back again its charge very soon.

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