Higher automation with vehicle correction functionality.

PLC Handled primary packing machine, equipped with auto volumetric cup dosing system, materials lifter/conveyor and also the concluded product or service conveyor. It provides a substantial array of package, suitable for packing of each kind of object for example cereals, processed blocks, sugar, bars and powder, etc.

Regular Features:

v It integrates metering, handbag-creating, counting, printing, sealing and packaging.

v Regular placing with servo film carrying program; steady for carrying film with two synchronous belts;

v Substantial automation with auto modification function.


v Packing speed: 5-50 bags/min

v Handbag size: Size: 50-300mm; Size: 60-200mm

v The highest thickness of packing film: 440 millimeters(size)

v Thickness of film: .04-.08mm

v Handbag creating function: Cushion-type bag, standing upright case.

v Selection of calculating: 150-1000 gm(optimum)

v Oxygen intake: 200L/min; .7Mpa

v Power/voltage: 2.2 KW/220V, 50 Hz

v Measurement (L*W*H): 1400?á970?á1600mm

v Weight: 400kg

v Entire body: Steel with painting, S/S304 for your elements contact the packed materials.

automatic cupdropping and filling, take in paper film, securing, time-publishing

* Japanese OMRON PLC

* Taiwan cylinder

* Clever Electronic Display Heat Management Program

constant induction sealer utilizes electro magnetic induction concept to generate fast substantial heating to dissolve lightweight aluminum foil. It sticks towards the bung opening, reaching the goal of moist-confirmation, seepage-confirmation, mildew and mold-confirmation and extending preservation time. Now it really is commonly used as securing deal machine in industries like pharmaceuticals, pesticides, lubricant, pesticides and cosmetics and so forth.

jelly stuffing closing machine for all types of yogurt, jelly and beverage products, can automatically full the plastic-type (document) mug auto decrease cup, satisfying stuffing, day printing, Ultra violet remove germs, visual location, 2 warmth sealing, intelligent slicing and squander about the key features for example membrane layer trying to recycle. Machine to follow Japanese Omron programmable logic controllers, Taiwan pneumatic management components, smart electronic digital display temperatures manage program, with securing, substantial durability, great securing, and very low failure rates are an enterprise product of choice for automatic creation.

According to special specifications of machines ? customer requirements can be customized

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