high consistency strength steel coil packing line

2.6 Immediately dual area operate-out table:

Welded framework structure built with powered roll length and table transmission method

2.7High-regularity welder: solid condition 100kW, AC 3-380V / 50Hz

3. Assure:

Free of charge ensure is one year from the time designers/experts finish installment/instruction (machine is common working). (Besides human aspect)

We shall offer spares and damageable components with price value following free of charge ensure period of time.

3. Installment & instruction:

training, Installation and commissioning will be carried out by designers at buyer’s manufacturer. Customer will bear return ticket, pay and accommodation $50 every day/individual as subsidy.

Raw materials (metallic coil):

1.1 Material of metal strip: Hot or cold-rolled low-co2 metallic(Saint-37), lower alloy steel stripδb≤520Mpa,δs≤345Mpa

1.2 The thickness of metal strip: 25~80mm

1.3 The fullness of metal strip: .3-1.0mm(Refrigeration Bondi pipe)

1.4 metal coil: I.D. : φ350~φ450mm

O.D.: φ600~φ1000mm

1.5 The demand of metallic strip: As perYB189-64

2. The request of done item:

2.1 Round water pipe

Diameter: φ8~φ25mm

Walls fullness: .3-1.0mm(square tube: .3~.8mm)

2.2 The preciseness of product: According to Gigabyte/T13973.

2.3 The administer normal of item: GB/T3091-93,Gigabytes/T13973-92,ASTMA53

2.4 Milling velocity of steel coil packaging line and machine unit: 20~80 m/minutes

3. substantial consistency strength : 100KW

Main aspects of welded pipe mill line

1.Merchandise process flow:

uncoiling → butt and shearing-welding → accumulator→ feeding and leveling→ mill-developing higher-frequency welding → getting rid of burrs away from weld seam → cooling → sizing →straightening → repaired length reducing → work-out kitchen table

2. Primary elements

2.1 Uncoiler:

Structure kind: Dual-area 360orotary handbook expanding tight, which insure steel coil giving on the other hand to make steel strip enter into accumulator openly.

2.2 butt and Shearing-welding machine: (Users Prepare it on their own or Purchase from industry)

butt and Shearing-welding machine, which make sure two-coiled metal strips shearing tidily and then welding with each other and leveling weld seam.

2.3 Accumulator:

The steel pieces kept in it shall be sufficient to make certain principal steel coil packaging machine to operate constantly although welding two coiled strips.

(1). Construction: Plate portion with automatic giving and delivery program.

(2). Adjusting technique: Manual spiral modifying.

(3). Gathering quantity: 150-300m.

2.4 welding, sizing and Forming device:

2.4.1 Providing device:

Straight manual roll: a single kind of vertical guide roll on the transfer.

Roller for questing: 7 Rollers for progressing which behind the information roll are passively leveled for questing strip metal to create metal strips go into forming gadget.

2.4.2 Creating device:

Mainly approximately mill-developing metal strip packing machine and controlling weld seam.

The requirements of forming product:

Stay of roller quantity Size of horizontal roll’s shaft materials

Horizontal roll stand 7 φ36 millimeters 40Cr

Top to bottom roll remain 8 φ20 mm 45#

The request of forming product:

1.The Dwelling of horizontal roll stand like dragon entrance.

2.The Structure of Straight roll stand is package-kind. Two set of straight guide roll.

3.The way of transforming rollers: pulls on the area

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