Heavy object Tilter and upender

Packaging And Shipping and delivery

Packaging Detail: Horizontal metal coil tilter is packed by regular exported package deal

Shipping and delivery Details: Horizontal steel coil tilter could be shipped within 1 month


Horizontal metallic coil tilter and upender

1. Ability: 10t-40t

2. Simple to work

3. Electro-optical Sensing unit Security Program

Utilizing of Horizontal steel coil tilter : Horizontal steel coil tilter is utilized for picking up bulk horizontal scrolls in metallic mill, yard and port.

Connected service of Horizontal metallic coil tilter and upender

Our team provides numerous top to bottom & horizontal coil lifters, coil tilter grabs, steel slab & billet clamps, metal sheet lifters, different turn over tilters, and then any other related lifting & managing tools and tools.

The client supply us with the inside, width, outside and temperature size from the coil, our company will design and supply the consumer with CAD drawing for comfirmation.

Principal specialized info of Horizontal metal coil tilter

Information of Straight metallic coil lifter(lifting grab) : Top to bottom metal coil lifter(picking up get) is one of the best devices for lift vertical coil. Tongs with auto closing gadget for vertical coil is only employed for transport, loading and unloading of the straight coils, holding on the individual hook crane, close and open the tongs by auto shuttering machine so that the coil is held tightly with out outer safe, force and reliable.

Kind of Vertical metal coil lifter(picking up get)

1. Individual-area vertical coil tilter get: ideal for individuals coils with huge variety of wall structure fullness (thickness among outside size and internal diameter).

2. Double-part vertical coil get: suitable for individuals coils with larger pressure and diameter-fighting off capacity in diameter direction

3. Center-expanding top to bottom coil seize: gives even causes on coils, suitable for high stacking necessity operation.

Related services of Top to bottom steel coil lifter,coil tilter and upender (raising grab)

Our team can supply numerous top to bottom & horizontal coil lifters, coil grabs, steel slab & billet clamps, steel sheet lifters, different turnover tilters, as well as any other related raising And managing tools and equipment.

The consumer provide us with all the temperature, inside, width and outside diameter in the coil, our organization will design and style and supply the customer with CAD attracting for comfirmation.

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