Gentle Atmosphere safeguards the product and package

Gentle Air flow guards the product and package

Soon after securing the travelling bag, air is let in to the holding chamber using the aeration valve. Therefore the atmospheric pressure inside and outside the chamber is the same, after which the lid can open. This will happen in two methods: ? standard aeration; ? aeration with the Soft Oxygen functionality.

Regular aeration

The control device starts totally and allows atmosphere back into the chamber.

The vacuum handbag envelopes the loaded merchandise firmly and quickly.

Some bags and products may be damaged with this.

Aeration with the Delicate Air flow-work

Oxygen is slowly permit in the chamber (depending on the pre-established time).

The vacuum handbag gradually and then in a controlled way, envelopes the product.

By means of this, ideal security from the item and vacuum travelling bag is assured.

Just how the Gentle Oxygen-operate functions

Established the soft air time

The travelling bag will slowly envelop the merchandise

closing and Opening chambers together with the lids is not hard. This involves minimal effort on account of the ergonomic design of the double chambers.

With easy golf swing Henkelman will make it even less difficult. You might have the lid instantly spotlight the specified timespan, in the click of the mouse. Straightforward golf swing can be attached to the Polar dual compartments.

For security: ESD option

ESD represents electrostatic release. Anytime ESD presents itself in the vacuum process, it can cause problems for the product. Therefore Henkelman has made models from the Falcon and Boxer series ESD suitable. Extensive tests have shown the validity from the ESD solution. Every version installed using this type of option is supplied with a particular TüV (Technological Surveillance Connection) certification. The ESD option is usually useful for packing electrical elements like prints, chips, wafers and motherboards.

What kind of injury could you avoid?

You can prevent the adhering to adverse reactions, to name a few, on specific components with the ESD option:

breakdown of efficiency

breaking down of semiconductors

amalgamation of conductive networks

appearance of untraceable faults

damage of component performance

premature aspect malfunction.

Make certain the best possible ESD safety: Use special ESD vacuum luggage having a machine with the ESD solution.

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