Flip coil upender Machine Hydraulic

[0018] The upender performs: Hydraulic Communicate Flip products normally used in a team, contains three hydraulic Communicate flick machine, a hydraulic station and electric manage containers kind a team change product.

[0019] Before you start focus on the change, the workpiece 14 throughout the still left roller 13 transfers to 3 hydraulic servomotor drive ahead turn arm 2, 3 hydraulic Communicate flip forwards around the machine arm 2 top change powered by hydraulic cylinder 3 next synchronization turn the workpiece 14 90 ??, then several within the arm following the hydraulic cylinder 4 after flipping pushed synchronization of your workpiece 14 and then flick 90 ??, to ensure the workpiece 14 by 180 ?? change landed on the other side the best roller 15 on.

The utility product refers to a multi purpose mechanised mold upender upender, and belongs to the specialized field of the auxiliary gear for mechanised treatment and mold produce. The multi purpose mechanized mildew upender upender consists of basics, a hinge shaft, a upender plate, a sequence, a magnetic functioning table, a spinning shaft and a telescopic include. The inside of the bottom is provided using a upender engine as well as a sprocket; the hinge shaft is fixedly set up in the basic; the upender plate is hinged in the hinge shaft and it is given a rotating motor; the sequence is interested using the sprocket; the 2 stops of your sequence are respectively hinged in the two finishes from the upender coupling wheel of the upender dish; the upender platter turns over once the upender engine pushes the sprocket and the sequence; the magnetic doing work dinner table is provided with a entirely magnetic sucker and a restriction prevent, and is also backed on the upender plate via a turning shaft; and the spinning motor unit brings a driving equipment thereon as well as a powered equipment on the spinning shaft to turn, in an attempt to ultimately generate the magnet doing work plate to spin for 360 levels. The application version has the advantages of a plurality of reliability, functions and safety, and small entertained space, and can be used upender the information to be refined and the fungus through the technical remedy and also the mildew produce.

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