excavator bucket manufactuer

Hi Laurel,

I have received all the goods last order. All products are as good as before especially the CAT336D bucket.The bucket is very nice . Tks.

For the new ORDER RS165103 ,I finally have all of the measurements for the machines:

Link Belt 240 excavator bucket: drawings are correct.

R210 excavator bucket: Drawing is correct

Zx135 excavator bucket: Drawing is correct

Zx75 special ears excavator bucket : This excavator bucket should have 4 teeth and not 5 teeth because the existing excavator thumb for this machine has 3 tines. See attached diagram.

Zx75 normal ears excavator bucket: The main excavator bucket pin for this machine is different than the other bucket pin. The reason for this is because the main bucket pin broke when the machine was new so a larger pin was made for this pin. The main pin is 58 mm and the other pin is 50 mm. This will require a special size pin be made for this machine. See attached diagram.

CAT345 excavator bucket : Ear to ear width = 603 mm, the depth of bucket = 1750 mm, See attached diagram.

Regarding the excavator thumbs:

These are the items to consider to improve the thumb designs (Please let me know if you did not get the video that I sent yesterday).
1. Increased range of motion in both directions. (As shown in video.)

2. Create a mechanism to latch the thumb to the excavator arm when hydraulics are not connected to the thumb. This would only be for the Link Belt 240, not for the Zx75. (see attached diagram)

3. We’ve found that it is better to have a larger plate to reinforce the excavator arm where the hydraulic cylinder is attached as shown in drawing. See attached diagram.

4. I have noticed that the thumbs we have been using have 100,000 yield steel for the tines. Also, in some recent projects, the hard abrasive granite has worn some of the steel significantly in some areas. Will you please let me know how much more it would cost to specify NM400 steel for the tines of each thumb? I think that just the outer 4 tines would be need to be NM400, the rest of the thumb can be Q460 as previously specified.

I also understand that all of these changes will likely change the total price, so please do not hesitate to update the changes and we can update the price at the end after design is complete.

Thank you,


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