Electric powered parts of orbital tyre wrapping machine

An innovative and space saving development for the mechanical doubling/tripling of car tyres by packing them inside one another.

No work needed just include tyre

and hit the button.

Can pack approximately 5 tyres in a device.

Weight: 450kg

Span: 400cm

Thickness: 150cm

Level: 170cm

Compressor essential:

Operate tension 8 nightclub – 10 club

Advised air container a minimum of 100 ltrs

Strength: 230v one cycle

Appropriate for doubling export grade and scrap tyres to lessen transport charges.

Helps save on tyre storage space/charges.

Value ?ê9900

For particular order we could turn this into machine personal sufficent,

constructed about the trailer with petrol or electronic compressor.

The cost of comprehensive system ?ê15.000.

Its huge but easy to transfer

mainly because it has equipped wheels.

Might be towwed on your own kitty B vehicle licence.

Tyre Unpacking Machine

Fast and Reliable equipment.

Really user friendly.

Oxygen run.

Electric totally free – risk-free in damp conditions.

Air Compressor essential.

Cost ?ê1990

For simpler functioning – up-graded variation

Semi Automatic Tyre Unpacking Machine

The BTS-Tyre Packing Machine was designed for specialized Tyre trading organizations. It will be the excellent remedy for inexpensive convenience. The Tyre Packing Machine solves space, storage and transport problems. You can actually pack 2 utilized Tyres in just one without the issues. Increasing or tripling generates a massive lowering of volume, advantage is more safe-keeping and loading area so transfer and allowable bodyweight that may be exploited efficient.

As much as 2 used Tyres in just one Tyre

Around 70Percent safe-keeping saving

Up to 55Percent transport conserving

Ideal cost-effective squander administration for scrap Tyre convenience firms, Tyre dealers, vehicle recyclers, utilized Tyre merchants, etc.

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