Design guidelines for stretch wrapping machine-2

− The cable cross-sections have to be designed to IEC 60050-826 / 60364-3 / DIN EN 60204-1(VDE 0100/0113.
− Color coding of individual conductors has to be selected to DIN EN 60204-1 (VDE 0113). For external voltage the color orange has to be applied.
− The wiring needs to be in accordance with the wiring diagram and has to be executed in the current paths from top to bottom and from left to right. Input and output connections have to be mounted to DIN EN 50 005; input = the smaller number.
− The distance between the devices and the wiring ducts has to be at least 20 mm.
− A sign with the applied wire colors has to be attached to the in-ner door side.
− Wiring has to be clearly executed in sufficient length to make it possible that the devices are replaced quickly and a test is easi-ly performed.
− Devices on doors or pivotable frames have to be connected with multi-core cables or flexible cores integrated in a protective tube. Spare cores have to be provided.
− Any device must only be attached from the front.
− The nominal cross-section of the wiring paths (installation ducts) must not be occupied by more than 65 %.
− Inadmissible stress on conduits such as heating, mechanical stress has to be prevented.
− Each conductor end has to be provided with a separate solder-less terminal or ferrule with insulated collar.
− On each terminal strip only one wire end must be attached to each connecting terminal.
− Cross connections on terminals arranged side by side must only be realized via connecting webs. Wire bridges are not permitted.
− For the equipment labeling within the housing identification la-bels have to be attached on the cable ends above the devices. The labeling must be in accordance with the wiring diagram.
− Warning signs must be attached to EN 50110-1/-7 (VDE 0105-100/-7) or DIN 40008.
− The switch cabinet must be marked from outside with inscrip-tions to DIN EN 60204-1 ff (VDE 0113/12.73, Section 14.1.1.
− Protection against accidental contact (direct contact) of ener-gized parts (active parts) to DIN EN 60204-1 ff (VDE 0113/12.73, Section 5.1 VBG 4).
− Protection against excessive contact voltage (indirect contact).
− Modifications in relation to the drawing require an approval prior to their execution and have to be color-marked in the construction.

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