Delicate Atmosphere guards the product and package

Gentle Atmosphere safeguards the product and package

Following closing the travelling bag, air flow is permit in the holding chamber using the aeration valve. Therefore the atmospheric pressure outside and inside the chamber is the same, after which the lid can open. This will occur in two methods: ? typical aeration; ? aeration together with the Delicate Air flow work.

Normal aeration

The valve starts up totally and allows atmosphere back into the holding chamber.

The vacuum handbag envelopes the loaded merchandise firmly and quickly.

Some products and bags could be broken with this.

Aeration with all the Smooth Oxygen-functionality

Oxygen is progressively permit in to the holding chamber (in accordance with the pre-set up time).

The vacuum case progressively and then in a handled way, envelopes the item.

Via this, maximum defense of the product or service and vacuum bag is confirmed.

How the Gentle Oxygen-work operates

Set up the delicate air flow time

The bag will little by little envelop the product

Opening and closing chambers using the covers is not hard. This requires minimal work due to the ergonomic style of the twice chambers.

With straightforward golf swing Henkelman causes it to be even simpler. You could have the top quickly showcase the specified timespan, with the click of a button. Effortless swing may be set up on the Polar increase compartments.

For protection: ESD alternative

ESD stands for electrostatic release. Anytime ESD appears in the vacuum method, it can cause problems for the merchandise. Therefore Henkelman has made models from the Boxer and Falcon series ESD suitable. Comprehensive checks have exhibited the credibility of your ESD choice. Each and every version installed using this type of choice is shipped with a particular TüV (Practical Monitoring Association) certificate. The ESD option is typically utilized for packing electric elements including motherboards, prints, wafers and chips.

What kind of harm could you stop?

You may avoid the following adverse reactions, to name a few, on particular parts with all the ESD choice:

breaking down of insulation

breakdown of semiconductors

amalgamation of conductive networks

emergence of untraceable faults

damage of aspect overall performance

untimely part failure.

Ensure optimum ESD security: Use unique ESD vacuum luggage using a machine using the ESD solution.

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