Created in stainless for packing machine

AT Straightforward

Oiling machine for cans with gas or “Kind AT” sauces, totally made from steel. Run by two targeted engines of .33 H.P.

Provided with a handle to control the flow of essential oil via a motor unit push of .50 H.P.

Equipped with a sauce combining system, to use anytime, and transferred by an engine of .75 H.P. With control system for heavy steam preheating.

200 liter reservoir. Controlled by a digital pace variator.


Just like previously mentioned. Forked can conveyor straps for the much better penetration of fluids.

Specialized Characteristics

Machine specifications:

Lenght………2.600 mm.

breadth………..1.170 mm.

height……….1.500 mm.

Herfraga is important with an array of professional equipment committed to producing processed fresh vegetables, with the encounter and dependability over demonstrated on the market.

The ideal presentation in the marketplace.

Built in stainless.

Wonderful preciseness inside the control over the extra weight.

Good quality cutting “HERFRAGA”.

Central Lubrication.

Constructed in stainless steel.

Produces the reducing of:


Other fresh vegetables

Boiled sea food

The cutting could be done in longitudinal or transversal items and also the needed sizes.

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