conveyor packaging line optional turn key

Rulmeca generates mechanized pulleys and components for buckle conveyors which are versatile and successful items, that because of their simpleness and easy installation, economy useful and limited maintenance. They may have their programs in both small conveyors and high responsibility plants and flowers like fixed, mining, mobile and agriculture quarries plants, screening and crushing demolition, recycling and machines.

The Rulmeca motor-driven pulleys are completely closed, have security quality IP67 and capabilities up to 250 kW.

The mechanized pulleys for buckle conveyors are really easy to install, doing work in any type of atmosphere, take less area, are neat and quiet, and when compared with subjected pushes they have a greater efficiency and a lower power consumption.

The bearings, motor and gears are totally closed inside the metal tube, therefore they cannot be ruined by just about any working conditions, including the most severe kinds, including normal water, dirt, sand and dust chemical substance elements, oil and grease.

The Bulk dealing with Motor-driven Pulleys (buckle conveyors for volume managing) vary from a minimum diameter of 138mm to a highest size of 1.000mm and therefore are suited even going to probably the most hard working extreme, conditions, brutal and irregular kinds, also with heavy-duty belt conveyors.

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