conveyor packaging line optional turn key

Rulmeca generates mechanized pulleys and components for buckle conveyors which can be versatile and successful products, that thanks to their simpleness as well as simple installment, overall economy useful and restricted upkeep. They may have their applications in both little conveyors and high obligation plants and flowers including agriculture, fixed, mining and mobile quarries plants, screening and crushing machines, recycling and demolition.

The Rulmeca motorized pulleys are entirely covered, have protection level IP67 and power up to 250 kW.

The motorized pulleys for buckle conveyors are really easy to set up, doing work in any sort of atmosphere, take significantly less room, are neat and quiet, and when compared with exposed pushes these people have a increased performance and a reduced strength usage.

The gears, motor and bearings are totally shut in the metallic pipe, so they should not be broken by just about any working conditions, including the most extreme types, like drinking water, sand, dirt and dust chemical substances, grease and oil.

The Bulk managing Mechanized Pulleys (buckle conveyors for mass managing) range between a minimum diameter of 138mm to a maximum size of 1.000mm and they are suitable even to the most difficult operating brutal, extreme, irregular and conditions ones, also with heavy-duty belt conveyors.

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