Control terminal guarantees effortless operation

Mass packing ¨C tanker vehicles filled easily along with correct excess weight.

As well as methods for satisfying totally free-moving large products into valve or wide open totes, we provide practical options for filling your merchandise into tanker vehicles. A help structure with telescopic launching tube provided with a HAVER high-overall performance web weigher would go to work.

Immobile or mobile ¨C the right method for each will need

The launching telescope could be made being a immobile or cellular model. The low and robust upkeep development of the basic promises maximum working periods. The mobile process can go into functioning in a silo farm along with mobile FFS methods.

Control terminal guarantees simple operation

display and Operation of most characteristics is completed by using a manage terminal with graphical exhibit. The basic and nicely-organised functioning series are food list-take and guided location by way of drive-buttons with pictogram job areas. The obvious text informaton are displayed from the country’s language. It is also easy to connect the HAVER DPS program for recording, reporting and sensing approach data.

Choices for straightforward dealing with

Non-obligatory functions incorporate electric lowering and lifting of your telescopic packing pipe, intelligent removal of the base cap within the filling place, pneumatic docking model for connecting to the customer’s silo, and exact placement employing laser light technologies. Automated water flushing in the merchandise course is also offered for an solution.

Your advantages instantly

An proprietor is needed just for commencing the machine

The truck individuals lift or decrease the telescopic launching tubing

Video clip checking assures specific halting of the van under the telesope

The device guarantees short stuffing periods

A higher bodyweight accuracy and reliability is accomplished. Succeeding weighing has stopped being needed

The vehicle cannot be overfilled

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