Condom packing machine or auto strip packing machine finds

Condom packing machine or automatic strip packing machine locates software for packing of condoms. Our strip packing machine is showcased with supplying premises for lubricating the condoms when packing, in elliptical or rounded form as necessary. Each of the element of the strip packing machine which appear in contact with the product is manufactured of steel. Following are certain attributes of our auto strip packing machine variety:

Indexing key in-give conveyor, which is easy and handy velocity to feed this product

Built with selecting hands

All cams And levers are correctly temperature – treated

Sealing heating units are quickly controlled, furnished with exact temperatures controllers

Specific pouch perforating cutters

Built with rate adjustable pulley

Lowering equipment pack : according to differential gearing process

There are a few factors that happen to be affixed optionally:

Batch cutter device

Lubricating oils injections process

Batch programming program

Intelligent pouch kitchen counter

Other goods incorporate water screening machine for condoms and electronic tests machine for condoms. Specialized Requirements of strip packing machine for condom incorporate:

Packing Pace45 to 60 pouches/min.

Electrical2HP and MotorAC, 3 Cycle, 440V/Solitary Stage at will

Transformer440-24 Voltage

Water heater Weight1KVA – 24Volt

Measurements of Device3000x1200x1500 (LxWxH)

Gross Weight1150 Kgs (approx.)

Net Excess weight950 Kgs. (approx.)

Packing materials used for packing the condoms are polyester foil poly, polyester foil-poly, cup polyfoil and multilayer bop. Packing dimensions for that product or service will depend on the clients’ condition.

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