community-type company of vacuum packaging

Henkelman is actually a planet-class manufacturer of vacuum wrapping models. Our focus on a single line of business not only differentiates us from our major competitors, but also helps us to achieve levels of operational excellence that are highly respected within the industry, retailing and hospitality sectors.

Henkelman offers the most full variety of specialist vacuum wrapping equipment from your most compact kitchen table-top vacuum packer approximately the greatest high quality vacuum increase compartments.

Due to Henkelman?ˉs comprehensive global network of authorized representatives, we could promise an effective, personalized assistance and rapid shipping around the world.

Henkelman provides you with the best option for an ideal vacuum packing procedure.

Vacuum packing is a wonderful method to expand the life expectancy of any merchandise as well as shield it from exterior aspects. Because atmosphere is removed o2 is likewise taken away. This is how aerobic mini-microorganisms in meals products spoil the foodstuff.

But airtight packing can also be suitable for numerous non-food items merchandise. On this page you can think of huge or useful items for example pillows, dollars. Power watches, jewellery and components. This selection of items is unlimited. Anything at all you can think of can be vacuum bundled.

The principle

The product from the vacuum bag is placed in the chamber. The available part of the handbag is across the closing pub. If the top is shut the machine automatically performs the vacuum approach. The phases in the vacuum method are: vacuum, gas shot (recommended), closing and (Gentle Oxygen) aerating.

Regulating the vacuum process

The initial period in the packing pattern is taking away atmosphere through the product, the handbag along with the holding chamber. As soon as the desired amount of air is removed, the machine goes on to the next phase. The second stage entails adding a gasoline or sealing the travelling bag.

You can management the vacuum approach at 3 distinct levels:

time control (environment by time)

sensor management (placing by proportion)

fluid control with boiling level detection

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