color paperless recorder

Fph adjustment of color paperless recorder using a new type of large scale integrated circuit for the input, output, power supply, signal adopt reliable protection and strong anti-interference design. 8 road universal signal input (configurable select input: standard, standard voltage current, thermocouple, thermal resistance, frequency, MV etc.). With 18 alarm output, 12 transmitting output, RS232/485 communication interface, Ethernet interface, printer interface and USB interface, SD card socket; can provide sensor distribution; has showed powerful, real-time curve, historical curve recall, bar graph display, alarm status display. Artificial intelligence algorithm real, without manual parameter tuning, the temperature control is accurate to plus or minus 0.1 DEG C, no overshoot, undershoot. Reached the international advanced level, the gift table trial!
Working conditions:
A, the control object: integrated high temperature furnace (model: SXC-1.5)
B, the furnace heating materials filled with
C, a control target value: 200 c
Working curve:
Working conditions:
A, the true artificial intelligence algorithm, without manual parameter tuning
B, maximum overshoot is 0.7 DEG C.
C, reaches the stable time of 25 minutes
D, stable control accuracy up to plus or minus 0.1 deg.
The general characteristics of the product:
The model of large scale integrated circuit, design of the international plant components and a new type of switching power supply; the input and output, power supply, signal adopt reliable protection and strong anti-interference design.
And the overall appearance streamline design, small volume and light, change the old fashioned recording meter long and heavy defects. The design panel using the Jacques force design of ABS+PC material, light touch switch operation, the front cover of waterproof IP54 grade, the back cover signal terminals using the German Feinikesi pluggable terminal.
Product dimensions: 185*154*156mm, hole size: 138*138*156mm; 7 inches using imported 800X480 dot matrix TFT high brightness color graphics LCD display, LED backlight, the picture is clear, wide viewing angle.
And large capacity FLASH flash memory chip storage of historical data, losing never lost data; flexible curve paper feeding mode, each of the 6 groups of curves display can be freely combined, the custom curve color bar graph shows rich, built-in GB2312 two Chinese character (6500 words), support for Chinese character phonetic Chinese character input, bit number, unit custom combination of input.
And with USB data transfer function, support USB2.0 format interface transfer storage and backup history, support FAT/FAT32 file system type, Windows can identify the history file; at the same time without a special driver, in addition to the data management software to support the company’s external, also support iFIX, Kingview, MCGS, PCAuto and other popular professional configuration software;
Support the standard MODBUS RTU protocol of RS485/RS232 communication, support TCP/IP protocol for Ethernet output can be externally connected with a micro printer, can choose to print data, manual curve, automatic timing print data, to meet the needs of the user site print;

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