Coil wrapping amchien with Sleeve labeling machine


brand sleeving coil packaging machine

content label sleeving coil packaging machine

I,Sleeve labeling coil wrapping machine features

Total Experience Stainless Steel hosts: the complete machine is just not water resistant oxidation;

Changeable cutter brain: initial cyclotron reduce, increase-sided blade, long life;

Single positioning heart guide pillar: Tag channeled much more steady;

synchronized dividing gadget: package feeding is far more secure;

Tag clean less than Team: sets of normal accuracy and precision is much more correct;

tag control electric powered vision rack: distinctive combination of tail and electrical eye, enhance membrane layer materials reducing precision;

press-option control container: Functioning far more gentle;

solution giving holder: the freedom to decide on carrier place.

Electric Home appliance Design Requirements

followed PLC programmable controller, shipped in servo electric motor, servo inverters, sensors and drives, together with employing a pair of regular placement unit for accurate, quick and steady.

appropriate pair of common kinds of type:

A number of bottles, for example: rounded jar, square jar, smooth package, curved package, mug and the like.

II.Coil wrapping amchien with Sleeve labeling machine primary practical parameters of gear


Voltage AC220V

Sleeve labeling machine potential3KW

Production ability≥ 200 bottles / minutes (content label size ≤ 100 mm) the larger the label is,the less the production capacity is.

Sets of regular complete amount≥98%

The entire line of creation performance≥ 95Percent (in 24-hour calculation)

Size of packageφ28mm ~ φ 125mm, unique measurements could be more layout

Package level30 millimeters -280 millimeters,specific level can be added design and style..

For labelPvc material,Animal,OPS

Brand length30mm ~250mm

Brand density.035mm ~.13mm

Tag resourcesPvc material,PET,OPS

Content label obvious spacing≥5mm

Label pieces of paper central size≥5”(127mm)

OD brand≤500mm

Sleeve labeling machine Variety AspectL1550mm×W1055mm×H2000mm

III,Schematic working basic principle and products attracting

Doing work principle

When force package electric powered eye found the container over and that there exists a constant creation when needed, in the package screw into procedure press the bottle (attach in to the bottle’s function is equidistant from the container is definitely not equidistant in the new original velocity of bottles, etc.), bottle into the sleeve marking technique is the central system, when the groups of standard electric eye sensor to achieve the bottle above, instantly move the information towards the manage center PLC, as well as the PLC have been continuously issued a number of directives: directed standard, placing, decreasing mark, chance mark, when snapping shots labeled the conclusion of a process of complete sets of regular containers, then enter the brand doing, shrink system.

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