Coil packaging machinery

coil packaging machinery

coil packaging machinery,coil wrapping machine

Coil packaging machine and wrapping machine is a kind of ring spiral packing solution for coils. It makes packing material get crossing the ID of the products. So that the packaging material is able to protect the product with whole size well wrapped to proof product in Dust, moisture, transportation damage…

It usually working for steel coil, hose coil, wire coil, copper coil, aluminum coil, pipe coil, bearing, cable coil…

There is able to hand the coil for following size:

Coil OD: 150-3000mm

Coil ID:120-2900mm



For different coil there are different packing is able to do the work.

Feel free let me know your requirement.


Our majority are innovative the coil wrapping machine and understand that coil packaging requirement marketing and branding is tied to clients item packaging. We also realize that to grow the business they have to have secure packaging that fits merchants anticipations. The issue is coil packaging is person to the product and not common. No client’s wants their products to appear exactly like no good,mass. So, differentiation become more of a challenge because packaging is not simply product safety but marketing of the product it protects, it comes to packaging.

The most important thing is to offer a solution and determine the wrapping machine requirements from the coil packaging for product safety. Then look for something which enhances the brand name within those restrictions.



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