Coil industry and coil packaging machine application in major

Coil industry and coil packaging machine application major, as the food industry grew, food packaging machinery products have also entered a new stage of development. Packaging industry holds an important position in the field of the food industry, with the development of market demand in more depth.
Carton packaging machinery technology in China, now the whole, than about 20 years behind the level of advanced countries as a whole, in product development, performance, quality, reliability, service and other aspects of competition at a distinct disadvantage. In today’s international market, carton packaging machinery products are products of single multifunction and high speed polarization direction.
Carton packaging machinery low-level repeated construction of upgrading and refurbishment of the industry has formed a prejudice, but only by regulating the market and strengthen the supervision of its downstream industries to realize the natural elimination.
For example, candy wrappers you need pillow, shaped, conjoined, such products are asked to complete series packaging in a packaging machine. This integration for carton packaging machines, higher efficiency requirements, which requires more machine appears.
But, it is worth attention that, in technology compared to the main movement of a packaging machinery technology, compared to do level in our country and abroad, is making us extremely disappointing. Motion control products and technologies in the packaging machinery’s role is mainly to get exact position on Temperance told Stern the synchronization request, mainly for loading and unloading, handling, marking, palletizing, depalletizing and other processes. So to be able to understand is, the activity control technology is the difference between high, medium and low end coil packaging machine one of the decisive factors. This packaging machinery upgrade skills support also became the bottleneck of the development of domestically produced high-end packaging machinery.
Currently, carton and coil packaging machinery equipment in China is relatively dispersed, not many devices with integrated capabilities, refers to completed wholly or partly the product of packaging machinery and packaging machinery. Using mechanical packaging products have many advantages, not only can increase productivity, reduce labor intensity, but also meet the needs of mass production and meet the requirements of hygiene. In view of this, packaging machinery is very broad prospects for development, but if a high-end core technologies have not been able to, we can give people money and jobs.
In addition, due to domestic enterprises in the product technical development concept with some developed countries companies have significant gaps, resulting in serious shortage of domestic financial resources for research funding, research and development input, further restricting the promotion of technology, missing the reason for restricting technology to enhance high-tech talent.

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