CE Certificate for stretch wrapper


1.High Speed Totally Auto Part Seal stretch wrapper Machine

2.CE Certificate

3.no limit for item duration


1. Constant warmed securing rotor blades is capable of doing continuously, which enables no restriction of merchandise size and high capacity as high as 60 totes per minute.

2. Car photocell infeed system gives equally horizontal and vertical choices to fit different item sizes.

3. Product changeovers can be easily noticed by hand wheel modifications, no components have to be changed.

4. Machine creates an enclosed pack with securing on 3 ends.

5. Relevant for PE, other and POF centre-folded shrink movies, specifically for POF shrink film stretch wrapper.

6. Auto Waste Strip end up design.

7. Motor-powered Infeed conveyor and free of charge curler Outfeed conveyor are choices for fully automated application.


1. Kissing buckle(suitable for little,unusual merchandise)

2. Stamping Film Photo indicator

3. 1.5M Infeed conveyor

4. Automatic Merchandise Pusher

stretch wrapper Machine Normal Features:

1. The machine can instantly total the products conveying, feeding and measuringbag, filling and feeding developing, day computer code stamping, handbag securing and cutting.

2. Motor driven warmth close off film yanking method.

3. Substantial sensitive dietary fiber optic picture sensor can instantly track shade label correctly.

4. PLC management system coupled with touch screen, can easily set up may change the stretch wrapper parameters. Every day manufacturing self and output-analytical machine mistake may be seen straight from the display.

5. PID temperature controller watches heat securing temperature inside /- 1ºC

6. Automated benefit placement control ensures consistent film positioning during production to produce uniform handbag top quality.

7. With CE Certificate

Necessary Measuring Filler:

1. Auger Attach Filler for Natural powder

2. Volumetric Cup Filler for Granule

3. Multi-mind weigher for Granule

4. Linear Weigher for Granule

5. Rotary Gear Water pump for Fluid

6. Piston Pump for Water

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