Basic Capabilities
of the wrapping machine

Basic Features

The machine is made up of 3 principal components, all of which does a particular work.

One of several PFM D-Range solid factors is the ideal incorporation involving specific efficient elements, making certain very quick formatting adjustments.

Total Servo Manage

PFM D-Sequence is entirely servo-assisted, which offers some natural advantages such as a ideal and micrometric check up on all actions of the package as well as a continuous tracking from the tension of all securing products.

PFM D-Collection functions via 18-24 brushless axes aiding increased output, rate of formatting alterations, accurate control over wrapping at any given time in the effective routine.

The software program greatest exploits the opinions functions through the pushes to intelligently deal with the safety and alarms.

Connectivity involving Ethernet products IP 10/100 Mb.

Interface by way of Touchscreen user interface (commercial Laptop or computer).

Distant online assist through online (PFM Ubiquity computer software) with website-cam for keeping track of specific products.


Mechanical elements of the best produced 100% by Pfmeccanica. All weldings on framework are clean.


The D-Sequence utilizes electronic devices to successfully optimise plausible functions designed through the beginning to become handled making use of digital automation.

PFM D-Sequence All-in-One Conveyor

The exclusive PFM D-Series Universal All-in-1 Conveyor system envisages the package generally simply being strongly organised through the filling and sealing stages plus the inclusion associated with a components, through to the get out of conveyor. Therefore, you will find no solutions taking up that package once again. Widespread All-in-1 Conveyor adapts quickly to alterations in the package widths.

The exclusive D-Range system in fact “accompanies” the package throughout every one of the stages of your packing procedure, from generating to filling and the application of any add-ons, to sealing, through to the release conveyor.

The machine contains 3 principal segments, each of which does a particular work.

The first element (Creating) creates the finished wrapping, wide open only on the top. This functioning is impartial from the 2nd unit, hence assisting format changes and preventing a waste of packaging.

The next unit (Satisfying) looks after the rest itself, promoting it for the satisfying, gasoline eliminating as well as other models.

The next unit (Sealing) wraps up the securing operations.

The 4th achievable element (Classifying) is committed to the final-of-collection surgical procedures, i.e. bodyweight looking at, steel detector, X sun rays and through on the boxing.

Modularity will be the foundation of your developing and operative efficiency. Structure adjustments trigger no waste either in product packaging or time.

Every operate is effectively described and legible and also the operator is immediately more comfortable with the program servicing factors and protective assessment.

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