bagging,filling and seal machine plus much more

Showing the handbag seal, form and fill equipment which can be used to package a wide array of products to the confectionery, foodstuff and pesticide segments. Suitable for distinct travelling bag shapes like pillow luggage, gusseted bags, obstruct-underside bags and much more.

Result: 120 Totes a minute

Highest Case breadth: 260 mm

Handbag designs: Pillow, Gusseted & Obstruct Bottom part


Servo handled sporadic motion device

PLC controlled servo-electronics and technology

Substantial rates of speed with fast merchandise circulation contributing to higher productiveness

Lowest motion picture squander

Very low maintenance and servicing

Fast and easy changeover with speedy alter packages

Recollection for 96 servo and programs-technology for those capabilities permitting picking pattern impartial courses at the touch of a button

Colour touchscreen display HMI for approach monitoring and data input plausibility check

User friendly running panel

Easy access for maintenance and cleaning

Vacuum assisted belt pull-off (no slippage) and synchronously transferring sealing jaws for high-rate reproducible seams with minimum wrapping substance overlap

Packing materials reel spindle with pneumatically actuated tensioning sectors

Wrapping fabric splicing and cutting table

Easy to access inside

Continual substantial sealing power in the whole go across seam securing process and consistent expertise of the longitudinal seam

Monitoring of ?°Product in go across seam?±


Snacks, Powder and Confectionery Family pet Foods & Low Food Items

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