Automated coil stacking machine

coil packaging machine WOODWORKING Devices CO.,LTD was launched in 1999, and possesses developed into a technological and scientific group of people sort business. Our organization extent handles analysis And sales, manufacturing, service, import and development & export of carpentry machines.

Keenman provide a full range of automation door packaging and semi-automation generation equipment for panel furniture businesses, including advantage-banding models, solar panel discovered, drilling devices, table noticed, cnc equipment, and intelligent promoting equipment, and many others.

Keenman spend significantly attention on the quality of service and production, getting us trust and honor inside the overseas marketplace as well as other certifications authorization. We certainly have pattened more than 10 innovations, greater than 20 energy types, and transferred ISO9001 High quality and CE qualification. Dealers and users of Keenman’s items are from over 30 locations in the entire world, proving our credibility within the global marketplace.

Automatic gluing and laminating generation line:

1.utilize the a number of station fill loader and stacker to in-feed and out-supply the panel

2.utilize the robet to fasten automaticlly

3.the two main pushing coil packaging machine machine, after gluing , press the task piece

4.with a transform above equipment,after gluing and push one aspect, the pannel is going to be change above.

The main electronic compenents of the machine:

1.Turbo Motor unit of lialy Bonfigli;

2.Vane-type vacuum pump motor of Germany Becker

3.”ILC” control lube water pump of ltaly or automatic coiling machine of Switzerland

4.”ABBA”beeline glide rail of Taiwan

5.Synchronous belt generate of ltaly Megadyne

6.Pnenmatic Element of China “SCM “

7.Transducer of China Mitsubishi,Individual-Laptop or computer Interface comtrol

Conveying coil packaging machine equipment may be the realistic decision to enhance the furniture productiveness lessen the work decrease and cost this product decrease.

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