Auto Wrap All around Labeling Machine

Auto Place All around Labeling Machine is acceptable for many assortment of package

marking. When marking, the package will immediately spin to enable the labeling product towards the utilize tension for marking.

Appropriate for medicine, food and beverage and substance sectors. Can be used plastic-type material,

metal, other and glass round boxes/containers. Having its innovative layout, its operations is very easy that a good primitive guy are able to use.


●Complement cG.M.P common. Ideal for prescription drug and all other market sectors.

●Fabric makes use of Frame and major elements are manufactured from SUS304 stainless-steel and

anodized aluminium.

●Ideal for a sizable of merchandise sizing. Can tag various kinds of goods.

●Fast windows is show instantly when improper operation.

●End user-pleasant show everyone can operate without engineer.

●Values of handle was making use of effectively-know device (millimeters sec and and so forth.) Not not known unit.

●Label Applicator employs 5-stage stepper electric motor that correct and balance. Can use the

Content label Reel as much as size 380mm. The Reminder not modifications friction-cushion that brings

cover up dust particles.

●Auto-educate the brand sensor.

●Automobile-set the content label span.

●Car-establish the label the right time.

●Warm Stamp Printing device (stay optional) could preparation-print out day/set rule on the brand.

The print course could turn 90 without the need of squander foil. Paper placement could adjust

ment, and also the modification region of printing position was big which was 300mm × 150mm.

The machine would quit labeling and alert automatically when non-foil.

●Far more specific devices/features might be optionally available for creation range, such as

inspector, Rejecter, Pot Flipper, 90 Education Credit card Turner, Barcode Viewer,

CCD Digicam and etc.

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