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Object Code: UA050A

We provide Auto Food items Wrapping Devices for pulses, rice and powder bio-fertilizers, tea, detergent potential, spice. Highly appropriate for rice, pulses and powder bio-fertilizers, namkeen herbal tea, detergent powder, atta, soft, spices and other very similar products.

Specific highlights of our Automated Food Product packaging Devices are :

Sealing Program: Key Seal off with continuous heat.

Central Fin Close off: 10 millimeters to 12 millimeters.

Lateral Base Close: 10 mm to 12 millimeters.

Product packaging Dimensions: L : 100 – 300 mm, W : 220 – 400 mm.

Packing Velocity: 15 – 50 Pouches / For each Minutes or so. Approx.

Wrapping Excess weight: 100 gms, to 2Kg.

Forms of Filler: Glass Filler, Auger Filler, or Weigh up Filler.

Energy Usage: 3 KVA, Air conditioning, One Cycle /3 Phase.

Proportions And Excess weight: L 2100 by W 700 x H 1690 (mm) / Body weight 400 Kgs.

Side to side Covering Equipment

Product Computer code: UA070

We provide Horizontal Wrapping Models for packaging of biscuits, soaps, chocolates and toys golf ball having. Very Ideal for preparing of biscuits, soaps and chocolates stationary things, syringes, tennis ball bearings, playthings and also other sound items.

Specific Options that come with Side to side Covering Devices:

Sealing Sort: Pillow kind persists.

Wrapping Dimensions: Length 100-350 Mm, Breadth 90-450 Millimeters, Size 10-100 Mm.

Rate: 40 – 200 Wallets/Minutes (Based on the size)

Packing Material: Any warmth sealable laminated papers

Strength Consumption: 2.5 kw, DC. (with DC Drive) Solitary Stage

Measurements And Weight: L-3600, W-1500, H-1800 (millimeters) / Body weight 450 Kgs

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