An frozen treats sandwich wrapping machine is disclosed of the sort ice cream

It is actually a more item of this innovation to offer an improvement for tucking the conclusion areas of a wrapper under the frozen treats sandwich in an frozen goodies sandwich wrapping machine.

The items on this invention are achieved by an frozen goodies sandwich wrapping machine for quickly wrapping individual ice cream snacks inside a foil or even the like, said wrapping machine comprising a conveyor comprising a couple of countless spread out aside transferring songs with grabs spaced upon the monitors to take part and relocate ice cream sandwiches with the activity of the monitors; path for moving the pair of songs within the very same direction and speed to an escalator;-a three tined pusher, stated 3 tined pusher finding the three tines thereon equally spread out regarding the centre thereof and stated tines curving outside the path of operational movements from the tines; method for transforming the tines to force soft ice cream snacks upon an lift; an escalator, stated elevator in their lowered position creating a system considerably despite having and ongoing top of the part .in the relocating songs, and explained elevator possessing a platform portionthereon drastically a similar size as one aspect of an frozen goodies sandwich; means for relocating the lift up and down in timed relationship for the other moving parts of the wrapping machine; method for placing a predetermined component of wrapping fabric on top of the escalator; a form; method for relocating the shape adjacent to soft ice cream snacks to hit the front and back of your wrapper downwards on the sandwich; a back tucker for tucking the wrapping materials around the back end of your ice cream sandwich; a aspect tucking device, said side tucking device comprising some plates disposed on each side of the elevator with stated dishes getting availabilities therein and method for relocating a pair of conclusion tuckers throughout the availabilities to force the wrapping fabric underneath the stops of the frozen treats sandwiches; and method for transferring ice cream sandwiches off of the lift and to a conveyor and and thus tucking the front side part of the wrapping material under the soft ice cream sandwich.

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