Active column pusher

IPak, powered by Professional Mach, continues to reinforce its placement because the leading remedy supplier for producing retail store all set shows as well as other tray packages. IPak’s lightweight, servo-centered TF-200TQ creates top quality, attractive retail store ready shows with roll-over house windows at speeds up to 32 trays each minute.

IPak’s exact servos enable better charge of diagnostics, monitoring and speed and pattern programming which means greater efficiency, with significantly less orbital stretch wrapper packaging waste and improved cost savings. Significantly less force throughout creating also allows softer handling, a less noisy wrapping machine and much more satisfying holder exhibits in which aesthetics and performance are vital.

Efficiency advantages and model enhancements consist of:

Energetic line pusher causes triangular area posts to dish bottom part for powerful, attractive containers.

Double parallel pressure creates a full relationship throughout all glued parts.

Rollover show house windows simultaneously developed throughout holder creating for greater appearance and much better flap connecting.

Optimum Motion Method for precise blank handling without having dual choosing.

Easy access air regulators for simple, quick modifications.

Moisture proof stainless shafting.

Nordson Liberty heat-on-need stick system with built-in stainless feeder reservoir to minimize energy, downtime, char and waste intake.

Improved filtering regulator, and coalescing (FRC) system with two-phase moisture and filtration assortment from air flow rss feeds with out oil lubrication.

The TF-200TQ is completely changeable to form numerous dish sizes and depths. Transform-overs are plainly defined and repeatable with preset dish dimensions quality recipes, colour-coded dials and handles, and practical on machine directions. Dimensions modifications can be carried out in under a quarter-hour. Common apps incorporate fresh fruits and produce, snack foods, candies, fully stand up pouches and totes, bottled drinks, coffee, boxed meals, palm wipes as well as other products in cartons and canisters.

“IPak methods supply more powerful, much more consistently created, sq . and safely fixed trays than any other stretch machines in the industry,” said Dyrl Nixon, IPak Product Director. “The TF-200TQ mixes the latest technologies and ergonomic design and style guidelines with IPak’s years of experience in delivering high worth, high end dish formers. The end result is a small footprint wrapping machine that gives unequaledefficiency and performance, ease of use, and purchase worth.”

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